About Paul Meacham

Paul Meacham the most interesting man in Heber Arizona was a descendant of the Smith family of Heber, as was noted here. But that’s because I was curious about Heber Arizona even though I didn’t know much about the place. A reader here sent me his email about Heber, the Heberite Bible Belt, and I was intrigued! And this time I asked him a lot about it. He then asked me to write about what he was talking about and this led to another email which I just want you to read now. This one (and I think it’s the best here) came from a reader called Bob. “You told me that there were some old Heberites out on the road. I think this is something in Heber Arizona.” “That is true.” “But there was an Old Heberite in the village of Pacheco with whom I was acquainted, and I have been wondering if you know if he lived in His Church? He was named Henry (A) Smith.” “He was,” Bob replied. “No doubt; he is the most important person in Heber. He is the only person in Heber that is really an Old Heberite.” “Well, he did go on a trip through Heber which led to this.” “And he is still with the church. He is now in the village of Pacheco.” “And it seems that, yes, there was an Old Heberite in Heber and you know what he told me about it. I have known a number of Old Heberite families on that road but I have never heard such a thing before. I don’t recall seeing them. And if I do see them, it must have been before that trip, because it was so difficult to get to and so very difficult to get to them. And I would guess it was a very hard life of walking through a hostile world with so many people out there and so many questions about the origins of God. Heber must have been a very difficult place, but I think this is more about him in particular and about Heber.” “Yes, he lived in the village.” “That does not mean he was among the Old Heberites; I can’t think of any. But what does it mean, for example, that Heber was so important to him? Was it that Heber was an important place for him?” “It sounds like the source of a lot of his humor and his wisdom.” “I like that you said there was an old Heberite. You told me some interesting things about it.” “Yes. And then he told me that a man called Henry (a) Smith made the trip to Heber to tell Heber that he was not only an Old Heberite but that the New Heberite had arrived and that he had taken a few of the old Heberites out into the world where Heber must have felt really at home.” “What do you mean? ” “The man said that he had heard he was going to be buried at the Church and that if Heber came along, he was going to take a good many of the Old Heberites with him. “And that Heber’s purpose on this trip was to put on a New Heberite hat and to visit some of the old Heberites.” Here we have another Heberite story, a fascinating one. I am sure he was a very interesting man (as noted here ). But we don’t know his last name. We see that he did indeed go on a trip through the village of Pacheco, as well as possibly being sent to the United States to settle there by one of Smith’s sons (who was called Smith). If his family went to someplace in the United States, they were likely sent to be buried there. What I was saying was about visiting them, not about visiting Heber. One more thing about Heber: he became famous for being a great writer, and he also wrote about other subjects and many of the books published were about other things, such as the Old Testament. We have a number of them, including Heber’s History of America, or Heber’s Book of Mormon. They contain, in fact, the entire corpus of the New Testament. I’ve given links to a few of them, but here are some that are worthwhile. One book, or several books, about the Book of Mormon, is The Book of Mormon by John Lehi. It covers the whole text. A few more titles include: Heber Visions, one of the titles of this book by Bob Meacham (you can find one here ) The Book of Mormon by E.B. White and the other authors The Book of Mormon by Robert E. Howard The Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith and the other authors. You can find these books and more info in the Heber Overgaard gift shop.